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"I was impressed with the level of professionalism of the staff from the point of admitting my pet to the clinic to the point of the medical consult and treatment planning that involved a well balanced holistic and medical approach toward my pet's well being. Easy location and availability of appointments."

Irina L. | Google

“We live far away but a friend recommended this clinic to us. It was worth the trip and my dog is much better now. The staff and doctors here are so amazing. We’ve been to many vets and I’ve never felt this taken care of.

Dr. Chan followed up with us the day of and after. I’m so happy we finally found a trustworthy, clean and professional veterinary hospital!”

Joan W. | Google

"My little girl Stella has been seeing Dr. Clark since she came into my home at 6 weeks old, she is now 15 years old!!! We have moved around a bit since then and are now driving for an hour each way to Dr. Clark! I would not trust anyone other than Dr. Clark and his team to take care of my beautiful little girl!"

Denise B. | Google

Register For the 2022 Walk My Dog Program!

Walk your dog to win great prizes! Our Walk My Dog Program is going on from July – August. Register soon to start keeping track of how far you walk!


Prizes for our winners and the qualifying participants can be picked up from Point Grey Veterinary Hospital.

  • Each individual who turns in a log will be entered into a drawing for a Free Fear Free physical at our clinic
  • 15 km – Squeaky Ball
  • 30 km – Doggie waste bag
  • 50 km – T-Shirt
  • 75 km – ½ off the price of a Fear Free comprehensive exam for your dog

Register Today!

Please submit prior to your pet’s scheduled appointment to ensure all your details are correct in our system.

Submit Distance

Please be sure to use the same name and email address each time you submit your kilometers to ensure your numbers are correctly calculated!

What is the Walk-My-Dog Program?

It’s simple, fun, and good for you and your furry family members. The concept is similar to a library’s summer reading program, but instead of reading books, participants are walking miles with their dogs.

Walk your own dog(s) on your own schedule and on your own route to win prizes.

Why do it?

Walking your dog provides an excellent foundation for good physical and mental health, both for you and your furry friend. Getting outside and walking your dog helps burn calories, improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones and joints, decrease stress and improve the bond with your pet.

Studies show that folks who have a training partner are more likely to stay motivated and fit – and that is especially true if your training partner is a dog!

Pull out the leash, and the tail is wagging – how can you say no?

Who Can Participate?
  • All ages
  • Clients, non-clients
  • Dog-owners, non-dog-owners
Ready, Set, Walk!
  • Our 2022 Walk My Dog Program is now open! The program will go from March through April.
  • Join us on social media for updates, shoutouts and more. Click here to visit our Facebook or Instagram.
Track your distance
  • Walkers can use any route, any time of day, as long as they are also walking with a dog.
  • Walk your dog, a friend’s dog, or even with your family group walking a dog.
  • Participate on our Facebook page sharing your tips and photos for great neighborhood routes and memories.
Engage on social media
  • Email your walking photos to reception@pointgreyvet.com for use on our Facebook, Instagram, and website to help encourage others to keep going!
  • Be on the lookout for fun weekly social media challenges for your chance to win additional prizes.
  • Use the hashtags #walkmydog #wagitbetter on your social media posts.
Weekly social media challenge

We invite you to engage with the Walk My Dog program through social media. Each week, we will post a challenge for you to create a social media post related to that week’s topic. The submission can be a picture or video but MUST include your dog. Use the hashtags #WalkMyDog #WagItBetter and tag the sponsoring business so we can search the submissions and select ones at random for fun prizes. You can use pictures or video shots any time during the challenge, but they must be posted during the particular week for the prize.

Meet your goal and win!
You will be able to submit your mileage weekly to our website or turn it all in at once at the end of the program.
Prizes (choose your level based on mileage)
  • Each individual who turns in a log, will be entered into a drawing for a Free Fear Free physical at our clinic
  • 15 miles – Squeaky Ball
  • 30 miles – Doggie waste bag
  • 50 miles – t-shirt
  • 75 miles – ½ off the price of a Fear Free comprehensive exam for your dog
Overall Mileage Winner

Top distance walked in the following categories will be awarded additional prizes.

  • Human:
    • Grade school (grade K-5)
    • Secondary school (grade 6-12),
    • Adult (age 18-54),
    • Senior (age 55+).
  • Canine:
    • Toy Breed (1-10 pounds)
    • Small Breed (11-25 pounds)
    • Medium Breed (26-50 pounds)
    • Large Breed (over 50 pounds)

“A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.”

— O.A. Battista

We want to give a special shout-out to Stacey from Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills for inspiring us with the Walk My Dog program concept and helping us put this event together. If you have a chance, visit their Facebook page and tell them, “Thank you.”

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