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Puppy Wellness Plans

Learn more about our puppy wellness plans below!

Puppy Wellness Plans

Our Puppy Plans help get your little one off to a great start and you save up to 20%. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Our puppy plans are designed to provide choice and cost savings for you and help ensure that your puppy receives the preventive care they need to get off to a great start.

Your plan is based on the basics of comprehensive physical examinations, proper vaccination depending on lifestyle, intestinal parasite control, and optional spay or neutering with IV Fluids and pain management.

Your puppy plan offers you substantial discounts (about 20%) for this preventive care with no enrolment fees or padded costs. There is no catch; you get a substantial discount while making the decision for thorough preventive care for your new puppy. And as an added bonus you will receive ongoing discounts for future services your puppy may need.

We want to help you provide a great and healthy start for your new puppy.

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Puppy Pack Documents


Puppy plans Basic Plus
All necessary vaccinations based on lifestyle  x  x
Comprehensive exam with each vaccination  x  x
Fecal analysis for parasites  x  x
Ear swab and microscopic exam  x  x
Deworming  x  x
Nail trims at each vaccine visit  x  x
Pre-anesthetic blood work  x
Spay or neuter with pain meds and IV Fluids  x
Additional 10% discount on any of our services for one year  x  x


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