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Recommended Pet Services

We work hard to find the best pet services that we trust. We see and approve the work, ethics, affection, detail, dedication, and love they provide their clients. We are proud to be working alongside these brilliant companies.

Point Grey Veterinary Hospital’s Recommend Pet Services

Our mission is to give you the knowledge and skills necessary for you & your dog to reach your full potential as a team.

River District Dog Training

Here at River District Dog Training, we provide effective, fun & dog-friendly solutions! Get peace of mind with structured help and watch your dog transform into the kind of pup that is always a joy to be around and welcome everywhere they go. You deserve to be happy, and so does your dog, so let’s make it happen together.

You got a dog so you could share your life with them & enjoy their company. A loyal companion who loves you for who you are (even on your bad days) and listens to every word that you say. A buddy you can go on all the adventures with! But that’s not quite the reality that you’re living in right now, is it?

Well, you’re in luck! You’ve found the right place.

You want to give your dog the best life ever.

​Reach out to Holly, let her know her good friends Fraserview and Point Grey Veterinary Hospitals sent you.


An online form so we can gather some basic information before you arrive. We strive to be environmentally conscious by reducing our use of paper products. All medical records are maintained electronically.


Take a tour of our hospital, have a detailed look into the place we call home. We spend more time here than our actual homes, so it's fitting to say it's home.


Get your pet’s food delivered right to your home. The most convenient way to have your pet food, toys, and many other items delivered safely and securely from us to your door.


We strive to enhance and promote the human-animal relationship. We want to provide the best care and a low-stress environment for pets during their vet visits.


Our booking tool lets you request the best time for your next visit. Fill in the reason for your visit, date, and time. You will receive an email confirming your appointment. Simple, fast, and easy.

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