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In case you haven’t noticed, cats are often considered low-maintenance pets. They usually only require a litter box, food, and water; and unlike dogs, they generally don’t need to be taken on walks or played with. However, this doesn’t mean that your cat can go without regular wellness care. Here are three important reasons why it’s important for your cat to have regular check-ups and preventive care: 

#1: Cats are masters of deception

Cats are great at hiding things—their favorite catnip mouse, their pee puddle when their litter box isn’t clean enough, and signs of illness and disease. Many behaviors pet owners think are normal for cats can be signs of underlying health conditions. For example, your senior cat’s excessive vocalization at night could be related to cognitive dysfunction, arthritis pain, or hunger caused by hyperthyroidism. By scheduling regular wellness care for your cat, you can discuss any unusual behaviors with us, possible medical causes that may be triggering them, and how they can be treated.

#2: Regular wellness care prevents infectious disease

While your cat may be a homebody who never ventures so much as a whisker outside, they still can be exposed to infectious diseases. For instance, you may bring home pathogens on your clothes and shoes after visiting the cats at an animal shelter, or your dog may carry in parasites after playtime outdoors. Regular wellness care ensures your cat is vaccinated for infectious diseases and protects them against transmissible parasites through routine deworming and prevention administration.

#3: Regular wellness care detects disease earlier

In addition to protecting your cat against illness and disease, regular wellness care helps uncover medical problems sooner. Screening tests, such as blood work and urinalysis, provide baseline values for your cat’s “normal” health status. As patterns develop over time, subtle changes can provide clues that something is amiss, leading to further investigation and potentially catching diseases before they progress to a stage where they are more difficult to treat (e.g., kidney failure). 

Don’t listen to your cat. Contact our team to schedule your pet’s annual wellness appointment to ensure they are in tip-top shape.


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